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Which printing option is best for you?

Do you know one of the differences between a print run and print-on-demand? (POD)

A print run is when a printer prints off multiple copies of a book in bulk (think as few as 250 copies to as many as 10,000), and charges you an up-front fee for them. POD or print-on-demand is where a minimum of one book can be published at one time, meaning you don't have to find a place to store them.



Print runs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per run, but the price per book is lower than POD. Sometimes as much as 50%, though if someone told me it was more like 70% I wouldn't be surprised.


Printing Options:

Print runs also tend to have more printing options. You can choose a different cover stock, finish, binding type, paper weight, paper colors, use both black and white and color printed pages, etc.

POD is fairly basic: bindings are glued, some printers offer both paperback and hardcover, only gloss or matte finish on the cover, and only color or black and white printing.


What's best for you?

Should you start your publishing business with a print run or POD option?

Honestly, at first, I think every independent publisher will work best with POD. But once you get your business going? It'd be really nice to up your printing game with more options and making more money per book.


Which have you used? POD or print run?

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