Marsha Acker is a leadership expert and team coach. Her experience is impressive: she’s the founder of TeamCatapult in 2005 and has coached the likes of Americorps, Humana, Verizon Wireless, and John Hopkins University, just to name a few (out of many more)! Once she wrote her first book on her specialty and I saw her long list of clientele, I knew I wanted to help her realize her book interior and ebook to distribution.

The Art and Science of Facilitation had a few requirements that made it perfect for a custom book interior:

Marsha needed the interior to be professionally designed, simple to read, have a friendly feel and include work for some custom illustrations. 

Even more importantly, she wanted the book interior to look like it had come out of a Big 5 publisher. Setting up your own company as a publisher, like TeamCatapult is doing with this book, means it’s crucial to your branding and marketing that your work looks professional right from its inception.

The design process here was two-fold: I had to design the interior, and once she and I agreed on that, the custom illustration style. 

All three book interior options focused on different interpretations of friendly, light, and professional, on a scale from ‘most like the cover’ to least. The custom illustrations had a similar variation: options 1 and 2 were extremely simple in design, and the third utilized a bubblier, fuller design.

We began in email as I started sketching out ideas on paper, and then moved onto replicating them in digital. 

Case Study: The Art and Science of Facilitation

“I care a lot about the look and feel of materials–boiler plate templates are not my thing. I loved working with Colleen from our very first conversation! She seeks to understand and asks great questions. Our work was iterative in nature and she was great at understanding conceptually what I was looking for and then translating that into a fabulous design that I love! Lots of space built into our process for feedback along the way which was very enjoyable.” 
Marsha Acker, Corporate Team Coach, founder of TeamCatapult

Over a face-to-face Zoom call, she chose the book interior that aligned the most with the cover (idea 1), and the fuller, softer illustration style to match. Together, we ended up with a unique, cohesive, and custom design to create exactly the book interior Marsha needed. 

It was just a quick two weeks, three review passes, and completed ebook later, and we were done! The Art and Science of Facilitation can be explored on its official site, here!
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It took one simple Zoom call to make the decision 🎊 And then I went to work.

Option 2
Option 3
Option 1