I have to add my two cents on what a fantastic job Colleen did with my emergency formatting! I had gotten back the formatting from another formatter, and was disappointed with the work that had a lot of issues and redos. I needed to see if a Plan B could do a better job. So, I sent a message to Colleen. Not only could she do a better job, she could do it in a few hours. Oh my god! She was amazing to work with and was able to help me out. She’s become my Plan A.

Marilyn Vix

Colleen did a wonderful job on a paperback interior for a three novel, four-story collection that totaled almost a quarter million words and 200+ chapters. Despite this unwieldiness, she got the page count down from 1,100 pages (!) to under the Createspace limit (less than 828) without losing any readability. It reads great, and of course looks super-pro. She’s also super friendly, responds to emails fast, and really goes above and beyond with small touches and little flourishes that bring the interior to life. Amazing formatting work, as usual, and highly recommended.

DN Erikson

USA Today Bestselling Author of  Soul Storm

I must stress how easy it is to work with Colleen and how accommodating she and her company are in terms of follow up, explaining things, or otherwise being helpful beyond what they are contracted to do. Their goal is quality and making it easier for novice and expert book authors alike to put out a high quality product that looks like a million dollars. In my case, PR folks were saying that my book looked and felt as good as, if not better than, any book you would see published by one of the giant publishers. Now that is high praise!

Kurt Weyerhauser

Executive Search Expert & Author of Hire Your Dream Team

Colleen is not only an incredibly talented interior book designer, but also quick, professional, and detail oriented. She really listens to authors and strives to bring their visions to life. I’ve worked with Colleen on at least a dozen projects, and every author has been happy with the results she delivered.

Beth Jusino

Publishing Consultant, BethJusino.com

As a book shepherd and author support specialist, over the years I’ve worked with a wide variety of book designers, but Colleen is the one I always recommend to my clients. Not only is her design sense impeccable, but she’s a delight to work with -- easygoing and personable, yet wholly professional. Whether it’s a custom design or one of her templates, her work is first rate and her customer service outstanding. Having a designer like Colleen to turn to takes so much of the stress out of publishing, I truly can’t recommend her enough.

Jane Ryder

Owner/operator, Ryder Author Resources

Another happy customer here–Colleen is great to work with. Cheerful, professional, happy to accommodate weird and detailed requests, and very willing to go the extra yard to make sure the final product is professional. If you’re looking for top-notch interior design, look no further.

Phil Tucker

Bestselling Author of Chronicles of the Black Gate

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What Smart People Say About Us

A fantastic cover sells book one. Your book interior sells the rest.

Thanks for the fast turnaround last week, Colleen. And at such a late hour during Christmas break. Awesome work. If anyone wants to see what I’m talking about, look at the Look Inside of my latest, Rising Fury.

Wayne Stinnett

Bestselling Author of the Caribbean Adventure Series

Just wanted to chime in that Colleen does a wonderful job, and I’ll always ask her to format my novels. She's fast yet incredibly detail oriented, and with both of my books with the help of images gave them a very distinct, professional feel. If you want to make your interior stand out, and convert more of those readers who click on the Look Inside, she’s a fantastic choice.

Alec Hutson

Bestselling Author of The Raveling Series & receiver of the  2017 Reader's Favorite Award

When you hire someone to design you book interior, design a cover or do anything else to make your book a reality, the very best thing you can hope for is that the designer will truly ‘get you.’ Colleen not only ‘got me,’ but was able to turn her understanding of my writing into beautiful and accurate visual representations. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my books.

Dawn Lee McKenna

Bestselling Author of the Forgotten Coast Series

We know how exhausting it is trying to run your own business. That’s why we’ve developed a design system that’s intuitive, creative, and authentic to you.

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One email. Unsubscribe anytime. Join us to get your free PDF about how great book interior design saves you time, money, and headaches. As a bonus, get our list of curated author specialists who can help you get your book published, from outline to upload.